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There must be something to this internet advertising thing. I saw an ad on Facebook for gun magnets and actually clicked on their page to learn more about them. And that’s how I stumbled on the GO-Magnets magnetic gun holder system.

Noticed before to their website, the plan for GO-Magnets came to final result in 2014 when the company’s organizer was unsatisfied with the magnets already on the market (“Too pricey, too weak, needing screws and a difficulty in use were just some of the issues encountered.”), so he decided to make his own. Thus, GO-Magnets were born.

Magnetic Gun Holder Go Magnets
GO-Magnets Gun Mount

The magnet itself is not very large, as you can see in relation to the size of my hand above. Even with its small size, the GO-Magnet is absolutely great.

They are not tricking around when they tell you the magnets are powerful because they distribute each one with a warning card that the magnetic gun holder could interrupt pacemakers and that people with metal inserts should stay back a distance from the product. If you want to place the magnet on a non-metal surface, like under your steering wheel or a side table in the bedroom, the magnets come with a metal plate to place on your non-metal surfaces.

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[amazon_link asins=’B07562MWMH’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’hg02jc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bf3bbdf6-666a-11e8-a5d4-cb997bd18c3c’]They advertise two special sizes of magnetic gun holder: 2×3 Inches suggested for car mounting and 4.25×1 Inches for further applications. You can also obtain engraved plates should you wish a little more flair.

I tested the magnet on a variety of metal surfaces in my house: gun safe, fridge, filing cabinet, etc. It stuck to everything and didn’t budge – unless I made it. My go-to application for it is to hold my Glock 19 to the side of my safe in the bedroom. Because it is enclosed in a durable fabric pouch, the magnet itself never comes into contact with your gun, your safe, or whatever another surface you attach it to, so it won’t damage the finish.

Magnetic Gun Holder Placing in Wall

Go-Magnets say the magnets will hold guns maximum 15-lbs. I tested it out by using it to hang my unloaded AR-15 on my safe door. Again, it held powerfully and didn’t move until I required it to do so.

Anything with iron, nickel, or cobalt in it will stick to the magnet. Basically, if a freeze magnet sticks together, your item will too. There are, of course, some metals that won’t attach to the magnet. This includes items in the zinc-alloy family, like aluminum, magnesium, and copper. If your gun is made up of these materials (I’m looking at you, Hi-Point), you’re out of luck. (Their FAQ page actually mentions Hi-Points specifically.)

As for cost, they’re not the cheapest thing in the world, given how minimalist the product is. One magnet and a small plate are $13.99; the car plate is $3.95. Engraved plates cost more than the magnets themselves at $14.95.

The company is veteran-owned and the product is American-made, so it’s hard to argue about money when so many products today have “Made in China” stickers on them.

All in all, it’s a handy product if you’re looking for a way to provide easy access in your car, bedroom or office, but don’t want a gun just sitting in your console or on your side table. I’m happy with mine.

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It’s a simple product leading me to think they could probably be a bit cheaper. If you only need one, the price isn’t much of an issue. If you wanted more, it could get costly. That said, the company is veteran-owned and the magnets are American-made…that’s worth the price of admission to me.

Ease of Installation

They’re magnets and metal plates. If you know how to handle a screwdriver, you can set up a plate. If you can place a magnetic gun holder to metal, you can use this product. Doesn’t find any easier than that.


It’s an excellent concept, but they aren’t the only magnet option on the market. They work well and hold your gun in place in a variety of situations. Mission accomplished.

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